Aerial photography of property for sale in North Wales


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Is it necessary to employ a licenced drone operator?

Yes, it is necessary to employ a licenced operator for any drone work in the UK.

All of our drone operators hold a PfCO and are registered with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and have thorough knowledge in the industry.

Do you need insurance?

Yes, All operations equipment and crew are fully insured under the regulation EC785/2004.

As a company we have public liability insurance. We can provide evidence of cover prior to any Flight.

Are drones safe?

Yes, as with everything in life, things can go wrong, however our equipment are fitted with multiple failsafe systems such as: Return Home function if signal is lost, battery monitoring as well as live video feed from the drone itself.

All our highly trained pilots are prepared for any emergency, our risk assessments, method statements and emergency procedures ensure that safety is not overlooked and maintained at all times.

Can you fly in all weather?

Unfortunately no, the safety of the crew, general public and property always comes first.

The drones can fly in winds up to 22mph although we prefer not to push the limits of safety.

The drones can fly in very light rain but again we prefer not to as the equipment is not waterproof and picture quality might be lost due to unfavourable conditions.

The quality of our work is very important to us, that is why we take time with our planning work monitoring the weather closely to make sure we get the best possible day for the flight.

What distance can you fly to?

The CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) states that we are permitted to fly at heights of up to 400ft (120m approx) above ground level and at a distance of 500m.

The Drone pilot must always maintain visual line of sight.

What sort of flight time does the aircraft have?

Our drones can fly for up to 28 mins, however varying weather conditions can reduce flight times.

We come prepared for every job and carry several batteries as well as spare equipment.

We are an innovative company which constantly look to stock the latest technology so that the best possible service can be provided at all times.

Can you fly anywhere in the UK?

Unfortunately no, there are certain airspace within the UK where we need permission from the relevant Air Traffic Control to operate.

Flights in some congested areas such as central London needs extra permission to be granted.

There are other airspace which are off limits such as Airports and military installations.

We gain all permissions during our planning stage and evidence can be provided prior any flight.

There can be severe penalties and repercussions for illegal drone flying so we really encourage using certified and licensed companies like ourselves. Rules and regulations will inevitably become stricter in future which should make the industry safer and more trustworthy.

Unsure if your desired location is restricted? Send us a quick message with your location and approximate date of when the flight would be required and we’ll quickly let you know.

How much does it cost?

We are very competitively priced and are confident we can beat or match alternative quotes. Generally, as a guide, a straightforward forward service has a low fee of under £200. As every project is different and bespoke to the customer and environment - we like to price each project accordingly.

Needless to say we do our upmost to keep cost down and service to a very high standard.

We can offer a free no obligation quote - please contact us with details of your requirements.